Common Steering & Suspension Repairs

Steering stability and handling are heavily reliant on the performance of your suspension components. Routine maintenance is key in keeping your steering and suspension in top working condition. The minor costs for these preventative measures will prevent larger, more expensive cures later.


Typical items that require regular maintenance include:

  • Rear Suspension
  • Strut Repair
  • Replace Coil Springs
  • Shock Replacement 
  • Replace Air Springs
  • Leaf Replacement
  • Front End Suspension

Steering Service & Maintenance

You turn your steering wheel. your car turns as a result. Seems simple, but a lot happens between your steering wheel and your car’s tires. This complex system relies on a number of precise processes in order to function properly. Nearly all vehicles today come with power steering, and if this this system fails, it quickly becomes a safety issue. When you get your suspension checked, Permuth Auto Care technicians will inspect the steering as well.

Stabilizer Bar Service & Maintenance

Known as a sway bar, the stabilizer bar is responsible for keeping your car from rolling in a turn. Put simply, it is the unsung hero of your car’s suspension. While the shock absorber keeps the ride smooth, the stabilizer bar keeps the car upright when it is turning by spreading weight equally over the tires.

Steering and suspension is an intricate system, so it’s important to have work done by a mechanic who knows what they are doing. It is a significant part of your ride experience, but it is also integral to your vehicle’s safety. Keep up with regular maintenance and inspections, if there is a problem, address it right away.

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